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Fire Alarm Systems

A Fire Alarm is  a device meant to spread the word that there is a fire happening in your vicinity. Also it serves as an early warning device, sounding off at the start giving people enough time and warning to get out. This system works electronically, by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. In general, a fire alarm system is classified as either automatically/manually activated, or both.
The starting Devices are the devices that process, detect and signal that a fire is in progress, as:

                      * Manual pull
                      * Smoke detector
                      * Beam detector
                      * Sprinkler water

Polaris Automation Systems Provides:

Notifier by Honeywell Life Safety offers leading edge fire alarm services that extend technology and leadership in the fire alarm industry that includes intelligent sensing, gas detection, fire detection and fire alarm system equipment.  Honeywell is recognized has the leader in the fire alarm solutions market with the development and marketing of the most used fire alarm products.

Ziton is a leading global designer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, professional fire detection and alarm systems. The systems are used for the protection of life and property in commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.
The product range incorporates the multisensor based range; the Analogue Addressable system, the Conventional system, and a range of specialist detection products. Ziton also provides a full range of specialist detection systems which includes high sensitivity smoke detection, beam smoke detection, flame detection, Radio fire protection.

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Polaris AS was awarded Beirut Marina Waterfront Plot 1 & 2.

Polaris AS was awarded AVIMET project at Beirut International Airport.

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